Kabamix -LMD SoundDesign-

Live mixing, recording, mastering engineer.

He lives in Osaka.

Haruomi Hosono US Tour, YMO reorganized in London 2018, OOIOO, Barrio Lindo (ShikaShiKa from EU), engineering such as Gr○und, also active as a member of band ALTZ.P.

In recent years, he has also worked on sound design for VR and projection mapping.



細野晴臣USツアー、YMO再結成 in ロンドン2018、OOIOO、Barrio Lindo(ShikaShiKa from EU),Gr○un土などエンジニアリング、band ALTZ.Pのメンバーとしても活動中。



-Sound Artist-

Akira Arasawa -卍ヘンタイカメラ♡卍 Hentaicameraman -Live・Trackmaker-

AKIO NAGASE  -DJ・Trackmaker- 

ARIHIRUA    designer・Vocalist・Artist

Bartellow - SVS Records - Producer ・ DJ

Barrio Lindo - Shika Shika collective -  LIVE・Trackmaker・Producer

Dengue Dengue Dengue  LIVE・Trackmaker・Producer 

Gam̈a͇ - voodoohop -   Performance Arts · Musicians

Harikuyamaku -Dub engineer・ producer

Isami -DJ・Producer

Killy - voodoohop- DJ・Trackmaker

JuanDiego Illescas - Producer

Mamazu - hole and holland -   DJ・Trackmaker-

O.R.       DJ・Trackmaker

Pablo Vicencio -Shamanic Catharsis-  Band・Multi-instrumentalist ・Trackmaker

PIKO KAMON -drummer・producer

Seyu - Vocalist

Sinkichi - Churashima Navigator - Band・DJ・Trackmaker

Thomash  - voodoohop - / LIVE・Trackmaker・Producer 

児玉奈央 Nao Kodama -singer

-Music label-

Esp Institute -music label / from Los Angeles, California

[Emotional] Especial -music label / from UK

grunge house records -music label / from Kobe, Japan

MultiCulti -music label / from Montreal, Québec

SVS Records -music label / from München, Germany

VOODOOHOP -outlandish art collective / from Brazil

ZZK Records -music label / from Buenos, Argentina

-Making things・drawing Artist-

AWA by UKUUPROJECT - fashion designer・screen prints

Clito - 3D printed

Dima Rabik - self-taught mixed media artist

hoop - Clothes, Knickknack hand made designer

OJAS PURE RAW CHOCOLATE -Raw chocolate・Raw sweets

Pollinations AI -AI art made by the community

Reza Hasni -illustration・motion graphics

Stella Ismene -voodoohop -  visual artist

Ventralis Golden - Collage artist. Graphic designer

wacky -COLORgung- Visual design, Screen prints Artist

ヘンタイワークス-卍ヘンタイカメラ♡卍- Screen Artist,オリジナルガチャgoods制作・販売


LOSAPSON? -record.CD.T-shirts.etc / Tokyo

NEWTONE RECORDS -records shop- / Osaka

PHYSICAL STORE -records.clothes.accsesary / Tokyo

fancyshop SiLiSiLi -salon.accsesary.clothes.etc.. / Nagoya

SAVE AREA -ROCHIKA-埼玉県 所沢市 山口647-4 / Saitama

MORE RICE RECORD STORE -records.clothes.accsesary / Bangkok / Thailand